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Financial Modelling Directory

I have seriously considered whether I should build a provide with a ready-to-go financial model template as part of the Fundraise Fast-Forward package.   Like with everything else there are pros and cons.

For some early stage startups a template model is all they need.  Most likely at later stages (think raising $15M+) you need to build something way more custom.  What’s more an ecommerce model looks completely different to a SaaS model, which again is different to a FinTech one, etc etc.

In short it gets real complex, real fast.  And anyway lots of pretty good models already exist out there on the internet built by real specialists.

So instead what I decided to do was to provide you a directory of all the ‘plug-and-play’ financial models that exist and some of the providers that offer this type of service.   All nicely organized in this directory, with some recommendations on where to look first.

Beyond this if you need my help with your financial model I am happy to review them and give you my recommendations, or if you really need more help I have some business partners who specialize in building these types of things for you.

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