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Funding Fast FFwd


Fast-Forward Your Fundraising

This package of tools, templates and workshops is designed to help accelerate a number of deliverables needed for ambitious CEOs and founders to fundraise $1-300M.

Everything you need in one-place to fast-track the raising of funds for your Series A/B/C/D+ scaleup


How Funding FFwd can help you?

Fundraising sucks… whether you are raising Series A, a growth equity round or preparing for a mega pre-IPO funding it always takes longer and is more painful than you had hoped.  With a range of different packaged solutions designed to fit different business stage needs you get workshop sessions and world-class battle-tested sets of tools, templates and techniques to fast-track your fundraise.   

High-quality, fast-delivery, customized-content, low-risk and cost-effective.   Simple!


Fast Forward Packages


Free Discovery Call – Clarify Your Situation

Free introductory call to understand where you are on your fundraising journey and to discuss tailoring the tools and workshops to best fit your needs.  Every fundraise is different and so every package can be tailored to fit your needs.


Core Package – Build The Basic Foundations

The workshop at the heart of this package is dedicated to getting the foundational building blocks of your pitch to complete and world-class.  Your deck is planned and reviewed bullet-by-bullet to give you the confidence that you have the right elements going into your fundraising.

  • VC Pitch Standard Slides – *THE* complete collection of ready to use editable template slides for each building block of your pitch deck

  • VC One Page Teasers – Over 30 proforma editable templates for you to select from to quickly help you write your businesses one pager intro sheet.

  • Pitch Design Directory – A directory listing of example specialist pitch deck designers, online template websites and other useful resources.


Premium Package – Polish Your Positioning

This second workshop is focused on helping you to a precise and concise articulation of your proposition to investors based on a solid vision, strategy and status of the business. We help you reach a tight definition of your position to better explain your business and so build a powerful pitch.

  • Investment Readiness Scorecard – Use a step-by-step approach to work out your biz strengths and areas of weakness to prepare best for a successful fundraise.

  • Positioning & Elevator Pitch Guide – A collection of templates to guide you through tightening the positioning of your proposition and developing your elevator pitch.

  • VC FAQ & Answers Database – The world’s most comprehensive set of questions from real VC pitches (>600 questions organized by category).

  • Classic Strategy Frameworks – Structured set of all the classic strategy frameworks in slide format to aid your overall thinking and gameplan framing if needed

  • StoryBoard & Pitch Narrative – A guided set of templates to help you design the flow and headline story to fit your fundraising pitch.

  • VC Pitch Advanced Slides – *THE* complete collection of ready to use editable template slides for each building block of your pitch deck


Professional Package – Plan Your Fundraise Program

In these workshops we work through your fundraising program timeline and approach we understand your VC targeting criteria so we can general a solid 50+ target list of VCs.  We also then work with you to share a set of Partner details from your region so you can kick-start your campaign quickly.

  • VC Target List Tool & Database – Use a proprietary database of ~10,000 VCs and ~18,000 Partners to fast-track networking and outreach (Bonus directory of all free VC and investor lists on web).

  • VC Contact Outreach Emails – Ready-to-go templates and follow-up flows for warm intros and cold contact that you can use to kick-start your fundraising campaign.

  • VC Due Diligence Checklist – The world’s most comprehensive checklist for level one and two VC fundraise due diligence, to structure your activities to close your TS.

  • CRM Pipeline Template – The best practice CRM approach to organize your VC outreach and manage your pipeline funnel.


Expert Package – Perfect Your Pitch

The last set of workshops deep-dive into your fundraising investment plan and model to ensure it is structured appropriated and aligns against industry expectations and benchmarks.  In addition we expand the partner details to those outside of your region.  Finally we workshop your pitch delivery and Q&A, giving real authentic practice for that.  This includes practicing techniques that help you communicate your vision, strategy and story with impact.

  • Top-Down Investment Case – Learn the approach to setting the big-picture boundaries for your fundraise (including ‘Market Sizing Guide’).

  • Bottom-Up Investment Case – The ‘how to’ top-tips to building a robust financial model to support your fundraising pitch deck (inc. ‘Financial Analysis Guide’)

  • Valuation & Plans – The headline introductory guide to VC fundraising Dos and Don’ts, plus the critical ‘Use-of-Funds’ plans.

  • Financial Model Directory – A directory of all the financial model templates available on the internet for free and sale, plus where to find modeling support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Funding FFwd for?

  • Stage – The typical client is raising Series A&B, though some larger Pre-A / Seed rounds find benefit from this.  At later stages as well as Series C&D startups, actually many Fundraising Specialists purchase these tools for reuse with their clients

  • Size – Typically the fundraise should be over $1M, and most likely over $3M to get maximum benefit.  The median size fundraise is $12M, with the largest being $235M

  • Sector – The tools are designed to work across all sectors

  • Geography – The tools are geo-agnostic, and workshops scheduled to fit your timezone.  Most clients are from outside the UK.

  • Operations – Typically employ 50-500 staff generating $1M-35M in revenue.  Many pre-revenue deep-tech firms find the packages very helpful.

  • Leader – Almost always a CEO/Co-Founder attends the workshop (if they don’t there are usually bigger issues), but often the hands-on CFO, COO and/or CoS is closely involved and attends the workshop.

Is it useful if I am already fundraising and have a pitch deck?

Yes absolutely.  We simply tailor the workshops to fit your needs and use the Fast Forward set of tools to either accelerate or reboot your current fundraising program.

What is the price of the Funding FastForward package?

The price is tailored to your needs, but typically is in the range $4-8k.  (no charge on success, or a percentage of fundraise). 

Can I just purchase some of the tools standalone?

No, they are only available as part of a complete Fast-Forward fundraising solution package.

What if I require extra support or workshop sessions?

We will discuss your needs in the introductory session and adjust as necessary as we start to work together, but providing extra support is never really a big issue.

Can you help me with something specific on my fundraise (e.g. pitch review)?

It depends what it is, whether it is in my skill-set and my availability.  Usually if I cannot help you it is something one of my partners can provide.

I am a VC; can I get this to use with my Portfolio?

Yes, I partner with a number of VCs to provide this package, training and other related services to their portfolios.  Please contact me for more information.

Can I see example of the tools, templates and premium playbooks?

Coming soon.  The premium playbooks complete the core Fundraising PlayBook series and so are in that style / length.  If you have any questions or concerns please share them when you enquire.

Do you create pitch presentations?

As part of the Fast-Forward packages you are given the templates, tools and guidance to produce the slides you need cost effectively.  If you would like more hands-on help I can work with you and one of my associate partners to complete design work.

Do you provide specialist pitch delivery training?

Yes this is provided as part of the Expert package.

Does your VC database cover my country?

The VC database includes the c10,000 VCs that cover >97% of all investment at Series A and beyond.  This includes large family offices and corporate investment arms.   We can discuss more specific details during the discovery call.

What is your coverage of Partners like?

This is always being updated, but the good news is that most Partners stay at a firm for over 5 years.  The database also contains junior investors and relevant front/back-office individuals.  All partners and related roles have linkedin details and where they use it their twitter.  

Do you have a database of angels, accelerators, incubators or micro-seed investors?

No.  The Fast-Forward packed is focused on institutional investments of >$1M

Do you provide warm introductions to VCs?

No, this is not part of the package solution.  I do partner with a number of funding specialists and boutique investment advisory firms who I can introduce my clients if they need that type of services.

Do you review business models and/or build financial models?

As part of the Expert Fast-Forward package your financial model is reviewed as this is highly context specific and expert work.  Additionally, this package does provide a directory of free and paid 'ready-made' model templates available online.  If you need more hands-on help to build your model I have a number of associate partners who can do this. 

Do you provide legal templates or advice on negotiation of term sheets or SHAs, etc?

No, this is not part of the package solution.  I do partner with a number of great legal firms focused on VC fundraising and can make introductions to my clients.

How about confidentiality and NDAs?

Honestly I see so many pitches like VCs I am not really interested in the specific content and trade secrets, and anyway you are going to share it widely with VCs who wont sign an NDA!  Trust and confidentiality is the foundation of our partnership so it should not be needed, but if you are being acquired or from a big corporate with lots of policies I am happy to sign NDAs.

Where are you located, and can we meet in person?

I am based in London, but travel a lot and am set-up to work with clients from the US to Australia.  Most of my clients are outside of the UK, as Zoom is a wonderful thing!  I only typically meet up in person with my larger clients.

Do you work with non-Founders or Corporates?

Yes absolutely.  The fundamentals are the same.  To get the most impact however the principle decision maker (i.e. person making the pitch) has really to be involved.  Often though CFO, COO and CoS might be the hands-on coordinator.

Do I need to be actively fundraising?

No.  Indeed it is best to start your fundraising Fast Forward 1-2 months *before* you fundraise


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