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Hiring & Talent Mgmt.


Hiring & Talent Management

HIring is job #1.  Get that right, and everything else is easy (well, easier).  As for talent management, isn’t that the same thing?  Er… no, it’s actually something that should probably be priority task #2 but sadly often gets crushed in the cross-fire of numerous more mundane by urgent administrative tasks whoever is supporting your people operations gets hit by.

The scale-up systems ‘POps-in-a-box’ framework ensures that you get all the aspects of your people foundations set-up and working in the right order.  Some can be heavily outsourced, while others take only a small amount of time but need to be done precisely.

The model fuses specific blitz-scaling hacks that most HR professionals don’t often come across in their roles with classic frameworks that are often needlessly over complicated to ensure you can rapidly scale your people functions and impact.

This module is particularly useful for businesses at the beginning of their scale-up journey before they have a fully functioning HR group, and / or embedded bad practices that it is tricker to reverse out of.  Most importantly this playbook is designed to be complementary with the operational models set-up in the ScaleUp System, so that people and process work in harmony not competition.

As for hiring, well there is no magic there than can ensure you never make the wrong hire.  However there a number of ways you can make hires faster without sacrificing quality, and also correct any mistakes sooner whether than means moving people on, or more often re-scoping their roles so that it is win-win for everyone.

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