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1) Welcome to the world's coolest...

Fun Personality Test

Built for geeky entrepreneurs by geeky entrepreneurs.

Simple & easy. Just for fun. Ideal for friday afternoon.

Just a couple of questions. Only takes 2 minutes.

Kinda scary good.  You will see...  

Yeah right... er... wtf... how did it do that?

>> Take The Test Here <<


2) Aim to 10x your impact as a tech exec with the...

Entepreneur Personality Profile

FAST -- Six(ish) questions. Takes about 5 minutes.

FOCUSED -- Puts your skills into real world context.

FREE -- 12 page entreprenuer profile emailed to you 

(if you want, no dramas if not, email option at the end).

>> Take The Test Here <<


(Both Personality Test are powered by LX AI technology)

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