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Modus Operandi


Mastering Modus Operandi

Who would have thought that the Romans could still teach modern business a thing or two a couple of millennia later.  Well it turns out that to run an empire that stretches from Scotland to Africa and across to the Gulf takes a scaled system of doing things.  A that all needs to run with a “method of operation”.

Most of you I guess have aspirations of building an empire.  That means like the Romans you will need a modus operandi as well.  You can probably spare some of the their model though.

As a business scales past about 100 people things start to get complex.  Functions form, a single meeting can’t include everyone or cover all topics efficiently.  Decisions need delegating. All at a time when you are doing more than ever.  And the number of hours in the week doesn’t change.

Having a consistent and effective meeting rhythm saves everyone time and makes it clearer where decisions get made.  The good news is you are by no means the first company or leader that has faced this challenge.  The better news is there are only a couple of models to make the modus operandi work, and they are fairly easy to understand and implement.

The Scale-Up System shares a couple of approaches here that enables you to build out your own meeting rhythm pyramid.  Like always these need finessing through the implementation, but having them run smoothly is a secret to scaling successfully.  Without this chaos always remains.

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