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Org. Architecture


Organization Architecture

“Organization design” is one of those topics like “branding” and “UX”.  Everyone has an opinion and believes their point-of-view to be almost expert-level (especially junior Board Members), but in reality it isn’t.  Underlying the apparent simplicity of the ‘answer’ lies a complex web of trade-offs that just aren’t intuitive.  What’s more often all these opinions are heavily biased to their own somewhat irrational self-interest.

Unfortunately just like branding and UX, getting a good org design is not really optional if you want a business to scale well.  Also like branding and UX it is not a ‘one and done’ problem.  It needs constant attention and tuning as the business scales, and occasionally an entire ‘reboot’.

Like most things though there are some pretty good ‘cookie cutter’ solutions out there.  Now these never are the perfect fit, but following the core principles and making some smart customization decisions most things slot into place.  This is especially true if you design the org with the modus operandi and leveling/titling models as complementary elements.

With the ScaleUp System you will get the core principles and standard org design elements for each step of your scaling journey.  This always needs to be coupled with a good workshop so it can be applied to your specific situation, but having that org architecture in place is like when a bridge’s keystone just perfectly slips into place and holds the whole system together.

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