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Pitch Standard Slides


Standard Pitch Slides Template

There are a gazillion sites on the interwebs where you can buy a ‘pitch template’ for $20.  Even some VCs share an editable 10 slide template.  

Awesome.  And for many early stage startups this works really well and is something I recommend.  Hell, I even have all the best of these ‘ready-made’ template sites listed out in my Creative Support Directory tool.

The reality is though when you are fundraising at Series A and beyond these sites and templates are of limited help.  At later stages you already have a brand master template, and likely some core slides and frameworks you want to include.  What’s more a generic slide on competition with size 30 font doesn’t cut it.

What’s most helpful for later stage entrepreneurs in writing a pitch deck is two things.  Firstly, seeing examples of other pitch decks to spark ideas – and my pitch deck database was born because Founders kept asking me for that.  Secondly, it is ‘ghost outline’ slide alternatives for the common building block slides – it isn’t intuitive unless you build a lot of pitch decks, but let me explain.

As you have seen in my playbook and analysis most pitch decks are made up of 20-30 standard building block slides.  What’s more it is cheap and quick to take the core rich content and framework of a slide and put a sexy ‘look & feel’ on-brand skin on it.   So I decided to build a template to help later stage founders in that use case.

My Pitch Standard Slides Template takes each building block slide and offers you 5-10 alternative versions of it.  These versions are designed with my 20-20-20 principle in mind (i.e. are set-up for more richer content).  What’s more I haven’t worried at all about the ‘art and design’ bit.  They are standard minimalist structure and slate blue color scheme, as that allows you to focus on quickly putting in the core content (i.e. think high functioning but low sizzle McKinsey mets Google style slides).  Anyway in my experience once you have built slides in that format it is super easy to have almost any designer ‘art it’.

And if you think some good template is missing, just tell me and I will have it built once and add it to the master template.  That’s how this set of template slides has been developed in the past, and so it iterates towards an optimal answer for the user.  Kind of like what you are doing with your MVP to product market leadership agile dev journey.

Boom… here is a hack and tool that will likely save you hours, if not days!

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