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Positioning Pitch Guide


Positioning & Elevator Pitch Template

I have written a whole playbook on this topic, so if you haven’t read that, I suggest you start there.

Now it is perhaps the hardest playbook to write as crafting an world-class elevator pitch, or strategic soundbite isn’t purely formulaic.  There is just some creative spark, industry insight and good old fashioned hard iterative cycles that need to be gone through.  And even then it likely won’t be *perfect”.

This tool aims to help short-cut the process a bit by providing a collection of templates to guide you through tightening the positioning of your proposition and developing your elevator pitch.   I have found that what is hard is starting from scratch.  Blank pages are daunting.  Ask any professional author.

Instead by providing several alternative proforma solid positioning and pitch script templates it enables you to fast forward through that initial phase.  Now your first template completion won’t be the final version, but it helps gather your thoughts in a structured way.  Then tuning them is *infinitely* easier.

This tool used in combination with a one-to-one workshop your business positioning and elevator pitch starts to look all tight and shiny in no time!


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