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Startup Boards


Startup Boards

Let's face it, as entrepreneurs you have a lot on your plate, from building your product, landing customers, and building a team to managing your finances and raising money. 

As you develop your business, especially after you raise capital, you should be developing an awesome board of directors to provide you with support and advice, keep you focused on objectives, and, in some cases, save you from yourself.  

The Startup Boards level-up program is a practical guide for Founders on one of the most important but overlooked pieces of the leadership startup puzzle.

As a lifelong member of the British Institute of Directors, I share not only the subtle side of advice here, but also hands-on practical agenda structures and Board update templates.

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Premium PlayBook Covers Topics Including:


[Articles] What are the characteristics of a startup board?


[Articles] How to run a good startup board meeting?


[Articles] Who should attend startup board meetings?


[Books] The Unique Challenges of Startup & Small Cap Boards

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