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Strategy Frameworks


Classic Strategy Framework Templates

I didn’t ever get an MBA in the end… I am sure it would have been fun and given me a great network, but I already had a Master’s in business and it didn’t stop me being Google’s Global Director of Business Strategy for nearly a decade.

Now I have a love-hate relationships with the classic “MBA” strategy frameworks.  Generally they are poorly used and just too generic for real insight.  However at every single established framework’s heart is usually a powerful concept or model that in the right context can help a business power forward.

In the context of fundraising about half the time I find that a common strategy framework can be used as the foundational framework behind a central element of a pitch deck.  It is never a perfect ‘plug-&-play’ fit, but in the spirit of fast forwarding the plan with something that has a robust logic they can work wonders.

Usually the areas to use this hack are in the: (i) 3-5 year gameplan, (ii) solutions elements; (iii) product proposition; (iv) go-to-market;  (v) internationalization plan

This tool provides you with 50 classic strategy models all in editable slide format.

You can then use these in your pitch deck, or broader planning materials to super-charge your approach.   Or at the very least dismiss them and decide to follow your own custom model.  It was a hack that worked for me for two decades, and most high-end consulting businesses do exactly this and charge you $$$ for the priviledge!

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