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Tech EXEC Manager 101


Tech Exec Manager 101

Being a manager in a tech company is hard, and nobody prepares you for it.  You move from being a peer to boss, have to let go of the detailed technical work at which you excel and have to start managing others.  

You have to learn to direct and facilitate people, rather than be just a nice collaborative team player.  

This level-up program helps with the simple, straightforward honest ‘how to manage’ advice based on years of experience.

  • Manager 101 -- All about helping you with the core “obvious” stuff nobody tells you

  • Running Great Meetings -- Meetings are for decisions, not discussing the question

  • Performance Management -- The formal way in which you give people feedback

  • Delivering Feedback -- Informal feedback is the breakfast of champions

  • Difficult Conversations -- Just because it is hard, it doesn’t mean you can avoid it

  • Coaching Employees -- Modify your dreams, or magnify your skills

  • Managing Up & Across -- Managing your boss and peers is a critical art

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Premium PlayBook Covers Topics Including:


[Books] New Manager 101


[Books] Running Great Meetings


[Books] Performance Management


[Books] Delivering Feedback


[Books] Difficult Conversations


[Books] Coaching Employees


[Books] Managing Up & Across

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