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The Chief Of Staff


The Chief-of-Staff

The CoS PlayBook covers the basics of ‘what the role is’, and includes my standard advice on how to scope, hire and deliver role.

But if you are a senior CoS (i.e. level 4 or X) and want to level-up further the CoS Level-up program is for you.  Selected topics include:

  • Implied Power - how to influence senior executives without direct authority

  • Winston Wolfe - how to handle tricky situations that your boss doesn’t want to

  • Out of the Shadows - how to build your personal brand and career path

  • Show Me The Money - how to hold senior execs members accountable to deliver

  • And other ‘Dark Arts’

If you are a junior or mid-level CoS, don’t worry I am working on a partnership program to support you in a more scaled group way.  If that sounds interesting to you drop me a line to find out more and potentially to join the first cohort.

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PlayBook Covers Topics Including:


[Articles] Chief-of-Staff role and responsibility


[Articles] Hiring a Chief-of-Staff


[Articles] Getting a Chief-of-Staff role


[Articles] Starting and Succeeding a Chief-of-Staff role


[Articles] Role thoughts from Chief-of-Staff


[Books] Chief-of-Staff in Business


[Books] Chief-of-Staff & The Dark Arts
You shouldn’t use them, but you need to understand them


[Books] Chief-of-Staff in Politics


[Books] Chief-of-Staff in Military

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