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The Scaleup COO


The Scaling COO

Given its such a senior and critical role it’s amazing there is not more advice and books on the COO role. 

That, combined with the fact that every scale-up has a different and rapidly evolving organization challenge, means most first time COOs have little practical guidance to help them succeed. 

This level-up program helps with:

  • Leadership – Building a strong partnership with the CEO and cohesive organized leadership team

  • Management – Running some of the least scalable parts of the business, e.g. finance, HR, facilities, customer service, sales

  • Capacity – Developing the organization to support the business growth driven by product and marketing

  • Efficiency – Standardizing repeatable and predictable processes to improve quality

  • Impact – Identify improvements and introducing appropriate systems and controls

  • New role – How to approach the first 100 days

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PlayBook Covers Topics Including:


[Books]  The COO role & closely related topics


[Articles] What is the COO role?


[Articles] Real COOs reflect on the role


[Articles] The COO relationship with the C-Suite


[Articles] The Types of COO


[Articles] The COO role and your company


[Articles] The COO career path

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