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VC DD Checklist


Complete DD Checklist Per Stage

Ugh DD.  Nobody likes DD.  Not VC partners.  Not entrepreneurs.  Not lawyers… ok well maybe lawyers like it a little.

I have written extensively about DD in my playbooks so you should have the basics covered.  The bottom line is that being organized here is king.   And being organized is all about having a good list.

Now over the years I have collected DD lists from all the big law firms, VC houses, investment banks and corp dev teams.  I have even sent one or two out to prospective acquisitions in my time!   The challenge with most of them is they are designed around a one-size-fits all approach, and that simply isn’t reality.

This DD template is the world’s most comprehensive checklist for level one and two VC fundraise due diligence.  It’s all in Google spreadsheet and set-up so you can structure your DD prep and activities in a jiffy.   All to try to make that close even faster so you can get that bank account full of lovely $$.

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