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VC Pitch FAQ & Answer Database

Everyone is obsessed with their pitch deck.  What’s the story?  What’s the font?  How many pages?  Is this color teal perfect?  Blah blah blah….  

Yeah, it’s important and I have tried to help with all those questions – I just wish Founders would spend more time focusing on the questions they are going to be asked and how they are going to tackle them.

What’s more it is arguably easier to prepare for questions, has a bigger impact and will make you stand out more from other entrepreneurs.

The first thing to do is think through what questions you are going to be asked.  Now the good news is that you can probably guess 90% of the initial set as they are pretty generic.  This is true from seed to series E in my experience.  So why wouldn’t you?

This tool simply is an organized collection of all the questions I have heard over the years.  As well as that I have called in some favors and had a dozen friendly VC partners go through it and fill in the gaps and twisted their arms to share their favorite tricky questions.

So this becomes a turnkey set of questions you can start with.  Boom, prepare for you pitch by having your Chief-of-Staff or FD play the part of the VC and pepper you with them.

Then record your answers and first just listen to them – you will learn about ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ you need to remove, and answers you need to tighten.  Next watch a recording of yourself with the sound off… it will be insightful on your more general body language habits I promise.

Now occasionally Founders want me to help with pitch practice and FAQ response role-play - but honestly with this tool and a good trusted smart colleague you can get 80% of the benefit yourself.

Oh, at your request I have started to write the textbook answers for the core questions.  There are 600 questions from real pitches so getting to all the answers will take me a few years, but I update it as I go!

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