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VC Outreach Emails


VC Outreach & Follow-up Email Templates

OK, so you shouldn’t be writing cold contact emails to VCs as part of your fundraising.  But the reality is almost all founders have to resort to this at one time or another.  Nobody knows everyone, and unless you are a second time founder the chances are at least in the early stages before you get traction you will have to do some PR and outreach to get attention.

What’s more, very few entrepreneurs have expertise in email marketing.  It’s a skill that most people just don’t need.  That means when it comes to writing these type of outreach emails it takes longer than it should, the results are sub-optimal and you probably are making a bunch of rookie mistakes.  No wonder response rates are low single figures.

This set of templates aims to address those issue and take some of the guesswork out of it.  The editable set of proven emails that work give you what you need to start fast here and tailor it to your specific situation.  Now there are absolutely no guarantees and even the very best cold contact campaign is likely to have little more than 10% response rate, but at least you will know that it is not your copy structure that is generating drop-outs.

The template also provides a framework and examples for follow-ups, not just the opening email.  Giving you a complete end-to-end solution all in one place.

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