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100 Rules for Entrepreneurs

"Talent is defined as anyone who can take your idea and make it better than you can. If you find you are giving a job or delegating the work to someone who does it worse than you would, then you have the wrong person. On the other hand, if you give the brief to someone else and the idea or implementation gets better, then you have talent. Do not compromise on this."

SUMMARY: This book covers the 100 most important rules for any entrepreneur who is trying to build a successful business in today's world.

REVIEW: The book shares valuable insights from the author, an entrepreneur himself, and also from others who have build successful businesses. Topics include questions about how to properly measure profit, what a sustainable business looks like, how to grow your business in a sustainable way, how to hire, how to lead your team, how to set targets that will stretch people, when to sell your business and how to do it, etc. .

READ IF: You have your own startup (or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur) and could use real tips and tactics on how to grow your business in a fast yet sane way.


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