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“Despite the fact that we are now healthier and grow to be older, despite the fact that even the least affluent among us are surrounded by material luxuries undreamed of even a few decades ago (there were few bathrooms in the palace of the Sun King, chairs were rare even in the richest medieval houses, and no Roman emperor could turn on a TV set when he was bored), and regardless of all the stupendous scientific knowledge we can summon at will, people often end up feeling that their lives have been wasted, that instead of being filled with happiness their years were spent in anxiety and boredom.”

SUMMARY: The book is a complete guide to understanding and finding a state of flow in which you can operate somewhat effortlessly with minimal fuss, maximum result, and complete enjoyment. It is written by positive psychology guru, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. .


1. Flow happens when you have an authentic desire with clearly defined targets that come with a why, and when you operate at the peak of your ability without over-stretching to the point of overwhelm or undershooting to the point of boredom.

2. Being in flow is like being in your own world where everything gently and naturally fades away as you fall into 100% clarity of what you are doing and lose track of time – that is a satisfying and grounding experience.

3. You are more likely to find a state of flow if you are passionate about self-development, can process criticism, have a sense of confidence or self agency, and can stay with one thing for a while.

READ IF: You would like to find a state of flow, or if you are interested in self-development or business growth.


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