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Arise, Awake

"In any line of business, there is a steep learning curve. Like a pilgrim, you must climb that mountain with faith and fortitude - there is no 'helicopter' service."

The book may inspire anyone who has entrepreneurial dreams by sharing the stories of six Indian entrepreneurs who choose to be their own boss instead of taking a job post graduation, and the lessons they learned on the path to success.


1) Even if your first busiess or idea fails, it doesn't mean that you are a failure. Take the learning and move onto to the next thing.

2) Being persistent and focused will help you get through the difficult times - and there will be many of them. 3) Stay focused on your vision but also realize that change (or pivot) can open up better opportunities than what you could have come up with in the first place.

READ IT IF: You keep playing with the idea of starting your own thing, whether it is a start-up or freelancing.


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