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Assertiveness: How to Stand Up For Yourself

"It’s saying honestly to yourself and others, “This is who I am. This is how I want to be treated,” while respecting other people’s rights and opinions. Assertiveness isn’t about being liked all the time, nor about making sure everyone is happy. It is about standing up for your right to be treated fairly."

The book is a practical guide to becoming a more assertive communicator, both in your personal life and at work.


1. Assertiveness isn't about being aggressive or a bully; therefore it is a skill that we should all seek to develop if we are lacking it.

2. At its core, when you have enough self respect, you become more assertive and don't feel bad about standing up for yourself and for your needs.

3. Developing this skill doesn't happen overnight; you need to do the work daily and consistently.

READ IF: You feel like you don't always stand up for yourself when you would need to.


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