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Becoming Bulletproof

“It’s the things we don’t do that tend to haunt us long-term—such as choosing not to take a new job, not to pursue a relationship, not to stand up for ourselves, or not to push beyond our comfort zones. We tend to remember the things in life we had the chance to do, but didn’t - an opportunity lost, a promise unfulfilled.”

This book is by a former secret service agent and "human lie detector", who shares her insights on how to read people and influence situations in order to get to the outcomes you want.


1. Everybody lies, but that doesn't make anyone a bad person. There is always a reason behind it, and the more we try to empathize with the person, the more likely we can discover the truth.

2. The most frequent form of lying is by omission, when people deliberately exclude details from their stories.

3. The easiest way to tell if someone is lying is by observing patterns in their body language, speech, behavior when talking about "safe" subject and then any deviation that might occur when talking about "difficult" subject.

READ IF: You are interested in practical tips on how to read people and how to set yourself up for success in any situation.


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