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“Blitzscaling is prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.”

This book sheds some light on the strategy that some of today’s most valuable companies have used to achieve insanely fast growth and to become successful giants in a very short time.


1) In order to blitzscale, market size is important. Startups need to select and dominate a niche to cross the chasm to mainstream consumers. If you have choosen a too niche market, this will be a challenge.

2) Aim for a business with high gross margin. Sales is one of the hardest parts of scaling, so the more money you have left over after each transaction, the more you can reinvest.

3) The two biggest growth limiters for blitzscaling businesses are product-to-market fit and operational scalability.

READ IF: You want to get a sneak peak into how some of the biggest success stories in Silicon Valley scaled to where they are today; and take actionable insights from their journey.


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