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Blue Ocean Strategy

“Competition should not occupy the centre of strategic thinking. Too many companies let competition drive their strategies. What blue ocean strategy brings to life, however, is that this focus on the competition all too often keeps companies anchored in the red ocean. It puts the competition, not the customer at the core of strategy.”

SUMMARY: The book challenges traditional competitive strategy – and replaces it with “value innovation,” showing leaders and entrepreneurs how to set up a smart strategy that creates new market spaces.


1. You will learn how to rise above the competition because a strong competitive strategy does not secure growth – it can in fact be counter-productive.

2. You will learn about “value innovation” which focuses on adding exponential value to the customer, taking your focus off the competition, and taking your business into a new league (new untapped market spaces = blue oceans).

3. You will learn how to build your blue ocean strategy through a system of proven principles proven by extensive case study research.

READ IF: You are an entrepreneur or business leader wanting strategic skills and insight that can propel you successfully forward.


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