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Consciously consider your ‘volume’ when you present

All the pitch preparation you have done is worth nothing if the VCs can’t hear you. The way you use volume in your presentation will impact the level of engagement you receive and therefore the likelihood you will secure funding.

When considering volume there are a few things to think about.

Be heard – This is obvious you need if the audience can’t hear you then it is over before it has even begun.

Find a range – It is not enough to find a volume that your audience can hear, you need to avoid being monotone and vary your volume to create engagement.

Use volume for dramatic effect – if you want to say something that triggers a moment of reflection or to draw the audience in then speak quieter. Speaking softly but still audibly will encourage your audience to lean in, focus and give you even more of their attention.

Be conversational – Think about how you speak during a conversation. Try and emulate that during your presentation and your audience will feel like you are conversing directly with them.

Volume is a powerful tool to learn to control. Choosing the right volume at the right time while remaining audible is key to engaging and captivating your audience. Consider some of these tips the next time you are pitching to VCs for fundraising.


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