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“For a few hours, I sat on a street curb in solitude thinking of my mother and of how she “would be saddened to see my once tender heart, turned cold.” like Father said.

SUMMARY: The book is a Mafia setting novel based on a character from the Godfather. It is gripping and involves themes of courage, freedom, and love. It reveals how purpose can be found in tragedy.

TAKEAWAYS: This captivating novel, inspired by the Godfather, brings to life the character Declan Quinn, a lawyer who lives deeply inside the world of the mafia. After tragedy strikes, he seeks to break out of the Mafia in favor of a life of connection and peace of mind. It is an engrossing novel in which the character fights for his freedom through twists and turns where help comes from unexpected sources. The book uncovers leadership lessons and the value of support. It is a story about courage to face one’s path, handle one’s grief, and find the power of love.

READ IF: You are a fan of the Godfather, and if you enjoy a thrilling novel.


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