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Digital Entrepreneurship

“Digital technology makes creating a new business venture easier in many ways, and this book will help the reader take advantage of those changes. But the digital world also creates new challenges, such as competing for online attention and keeping new businesses secure. In addition to creating many practical new entrepreneurial tools, the digital world also impacts the theoretical side of entrepreneurship, increasing the importance of issues such as data, user experience, and experimentation. Strategies, as well as tactics and tools, are changing.”

SUMMARY: This textbook book is a manual on the digital platforms and tools relevant to startup entrepreneurs who can now have global reach with the technology advancements and platforms available.

TAKEAWAYS: You will get holistic empowerment and education including confidence, skills, and practical tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Looking through a digital lens, you will learn the lean startup methodology. You will realize that with technology advancements, global business is within realistic reach for entrepreneurs. You’ll develop a deeper grasp of various digital business frameworks, and you will learn how to move a digital startup from ideation to reality. You will learn processes for experimentation cycles, strategy, and customer experience. You will understand how to do a thorough practical assessment of digital business plans for startups. And you will receive access to an online toolkit of templates and resources.

READ IF: You would like an introduction to entrepreneurial principles or an update to the digital tools available in the digital era. Read if you need to take your business digital.


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