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Digital Minimalism

“What’s making us uncomfortable, in other words, is this feeling of losing control—a feeling that instantiates itself in a dozen different ways each day, such as when we tune out with our phone during our child’s bath time, or lose our ability to enjoy a nice moment without a frantic urge to document it for a virtual audience. It’s not about usefulness, it’s about autonomy.”

SUMMARY: The book provides guidance to quiet down the noise of digital disturbances and to use technology as a tool to achieve your purposes instead.


1. Take charge of your time and your attention by consciously choosing to use technology only as a tool to serve your purposeful goals.

2. Clean out your digital practises to create structure, healthy habits, and boundaries that serve your purposes and remove the passive incoming stream of tech noise.

3. Take time out to be with your own quiet mind – away from all the online distractions including social media which can be an unstable paradox of comfort and rejection.

READ IF: You need guidance on protecting yourself from growing disturbances from technology and online noise.


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