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Do It or Ditch It

"Every successful achievement in life begins with a positive thought and a conscious decision"

SUMMARY: This book is an easy-to-use how-to-succeed guide packed with credible, practical, and insightful processes to make decisions and take action that move you towards translating goals into success. The author, Bev James, is a millionaire mentor and entrepreneurial success.

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn concise practical steps to maintain your focus from the decision phase through to planning and execution, and all the way to completion. You will learn how to decide which actions constructively feed your success – and you will know how to take those actions right from the start. You will learn to cultivate balance of thought and action in business and personal life, so that your ideas flourish into business and personal reality. You will learn how to translate desired outcomes and intangible dreams into achievable plans. You will appreciate the importance of choosing to follow a vision that you yourself believe in whole-heartedly, and you will get a clearly defined process to follow to ensure that workload is correctly assigned across a suitable team to get things done without unnecessary strain. .

READ IF: You want a concise guide to achieving success in personal or business life, particularly if you are a startup entrepreneur needing to learn strategies to make things happen with a clear focus.


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