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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“A low mood is not the time to analyse your life. To do so is emotional suicide. If you have a legitimate problem, it will still be there when your state of mind improves. The trick is to be grateful for our good moods and graceful in our low moods - not taking them too seriously. The next time you feel low, for whatever reason, remind yourself, “This too shall pass.” It will.”

The book suggests that in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life, we need to take life a bit less seriously and we prioritize peace of mind, love and relationships over achievements and working super hard.


1. Most things we stress about often turn out to be irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things. If we kept that in mind, we could spend less time and energy worrying about stuff that really doesn't matter.

2. In order to achieve things, we don't need to be stressed out and competitive with everyone in our lives. In fact, these things become counterproductive.

3. Let go of your ego by letting go of the idea that you always need to appear as busy and important.

READ IF: You have too much "stuff" in your life that you worry about or feel frustrated by.


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