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Doughnut Economics

“Meanwhile, the world has become extraordinarily unequal: as of 2015, the world’s richest 1 percent now own more wealth than all the other 99 percent put together.”

SUMMARY: The book is a clear, compelling, and structured call to grow into a more conscious economy that considers the environment and takes a holistic approach in order to sustain itself into the future. It uses the analogy of a doughnut to tell the story of the economic upgrade needed.


1. Some of the major gaps that the capitalist economy fails to sufficiently recognize or address are: social considerations, environmental factors, the value of parenting to the economy, and inequality.

2. Sustainable economics must consider the planetary needs in conjunction with human needs, and it should keep a view on the vulnerability points that need protection to sustain the system.

3. Recycling in business is a foundational and practical key to creating a sustainable economy.

READ IF: You would like to become more conscious of – and improve – the current capitalist economy and its impact on social and environmental issues.


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