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“When you ask the elderly what they regret about their lives, they rarely mention something that they have done, it is usually something they did not do. Therefore, if you dream of creating a company, try. If it fails, then you know that you at least tried, you just couldn’t make it work. If, however, you do not try, you might wonder to your dying day what it perhaps could have resulted in.”

SUMMARY: The book simply and systematically cover all aspects of entrepreneurship including work-life balance, launching startups from ideation phase, accelerating to the top, and more. It’s written by a pair of experienced and successful serial entrepreneurs.

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn the required personality aptitude for ongoing success in entrepreneurship, and you’ll discover what kind of entrepreneur you are. You will learn how to stay healthy when you have to grind through the tough stages of entrepreneurship, and you’ll get tried-and-tested methods for launching startups to turn your dream ideas into tangible business. You will learn about the bottom lines of startups, practical how-to’s of funding, and the financial story of choosing entrepreneurship. You’ll learn the logic and process of selecting the right team because there is a team behind every successful entrepreneur. And you’ll understand how to take your business to the next level by accelerating your profit and presence to the top of your industry.

READ IF: You’re an entrepreneur at any stage of your business – looking for tools and support to grow as an entrepreneur and to grow your business.


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