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“The big question: When you get up in the morning, are you happy about getting to work, school, or whatever it is that occupies your day? Research by Harvard’s Howard Gardner, Stanford’s William Damon, and Claremont’s Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi zeroed in on what they call “good work,” a potent mix of what people are excellent at, what engages them, and their ethics—what they believe matters. Those are more likely to be high-absorption callings: people love what they are doing. Full absorption in what we do feels good, and pleasure is the emotional marker for flow.”

SUMMARY: The book reveals that focus is what brings meaning to people. The author – psychologist and journalist, Daniel Goleman, inspires a higher quality of focused attention and awareness in business and personal life.


1. Allowing a more spacious awareness or an open awareness is helpful when you struggle to focus – the mind is not always lost when it drifts, and in fact creative ideas often arise from a state of relaxation.

2. Choose work that you are passionate about because passion fuels will power, and passion will help you get into the flow where focus is clear.

3. Cultivate an inner sense of urgency as that will serve you in finding the focus to resolve your challenges sooner.

READ IF: You would like to improve the quality of your focus or develop your willpower, awareness, and inner strength to achieve your goals and succeed holistically in life.


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