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Good Strategy; Bad Strategy

“A good strategy has coherence, coordinating actions, policies, and resources so as to accomplish an important end. Many organizations, most of the time, don’t have this. Instead, they have multiple goals and initiatives that symbolize progress, but no coherent approach to accomplishing that progress other than “spend more and try harder.”

SUMMARY: The book empowers readers to recognize and avoid bad strategy, and it clearly defines what a good strategy is. The author teaches – with insight and critical analysis – the way to achieve a good strategic advantage.


1. A good strategy cuts through to the core of the business situation to produce a clear high level outline of its main challenges and opportunities.

2. Good strategy defines the guiding policies which form the foundational perspective and principles that will guide the business to overcome the challenges and meet the opportunities.

3. Good strategy sets strategic actionable high level processes that follow the guiding policy to meet the business challenges and rise to the opportunities.

READ IF: You are a leader of a team or organization that wants a clear, credible, and well thought out framework to avoid the pitfalls of bad strategy and to build useful strategy. .


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