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HBR: Manager's Handbook

“Although management and leadership are deeply intertwined in practise, we have long put the idea of leadership on a higher plane. We often view it as requiring a set of innate traits: intelligence, self-confidence, vision, eloquence, and a mystical blend of courage, charisma, and decisiveness. Those individuals with all of these traits were deemed “born leaders.” But as science has revealed the plasticity of the human brain, we no longer think about these qualities as inborn or fixed. Instead we see leadership as a constellation of skills that can be learned and capacities that can be nurtured over time. In other words: just because you weren’t senior class president doesn’t mean you’ll never be a leader.”

SUMMARY: The book is a collection of Harvard Business Review’s most prized leadership and management lessons. It is a practical handbook that is a useful reference guide for all leaders wanting to learn and manage their leadership skills. .

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn proven methodologies, best practises, and professional advice covering all areas of management and leadership – from financial management all the way through to soft skills and team building. You will receive leadership knowledge that’s structured into digestible chunks that are easy to implement, to skim through, or to refer back to, making this an excellent ongoing leadership resource to keep handy. You will learn key strategic lessons on how to build influence, cultivate innovative teams, create environments of helpful feedback loops, and more. You will be given tools and practices to review your own progress as a leader.

READ IF: You are a manager or leader at any stage of your career. Or if you want a guide for ongoing easy reference of leadership skills.


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