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How do great leaders communicate to create momentum?

Leaders who generate momentum and influence the future are not usually the greatest at making speeches, but they have learned to communicate on a deeper level.

The best leaders have figured out how to communicate at the third tier. Their effect extends beyond their words and even their actions. Instead, they spread their influence through people repeating their statements and carrying out their principles.

If you're a leader who wishes to move beyond simply conveying facts and start to engage and communicate in a way that that generates momentum, you need to understand and implement the three tiers of communication.

Tier 1: Word-based communication

The first stage is conversing verbally. Words are powerful, but they only have so much clout on their own. It takes more than the capacity to communicate eloquently for you to have an influence. Some of the most effective communicators have minimal personal impact. To express their principles and project a compelling vision, a high-impact leader creates narratives. However, using words as a mode of communication is merely the start for leaders and is far from the aim of bringing about significant change. A leader must communicate at all levels for far-reaching impact.

Tier 2: Action-based communication

The second tier involves communicating both verbally and physically. Influence is achieved by combining captivating words with nonstop action. However, leaders who want to see massive change and movement are not satisfied with tier two communication; they must elevate it to the next level.

Tier 3: Interaction with others

Tier 3 communication is interacting through the words and behaviour of others. People you inspired via tier 2 communication begin to speak your words and live out your ideals for themselves, influencing others. As a result of tier 3 communication, your impact increases and leads to mobilisation. By continually articulating the same goal and ideals via your words and actions, you will inspire everyone around you to do the same!

TAKEAWAY: Strong leaders who generate momentum and transform the world have discovered how to communicate on a higher level than most of us. They have discovered the secret of tier 3 communication, which goes past words or deeds. They're constantly communicating their perspective and ideals through the words and actions of others.


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