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How To Go To Work

“Self-belief is as important a skill for doing well in the workplace as breathing. If you don’t believe you’re able to deliver, you’ll never get going, let alone see it through. But self-belief isn’t enough on its own. As Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter puts it, ‘it’s not enough just to feel confident. You have to do the work.’ And sometimes, it can even get in the way. The idea that we have an unwavering, steely core of self-belief that will see us through come what may is unattainable and often damaging.”

SUMMARY: This book is an inspiring and informative guide to get you confident and ready to enter and succeed in the working world. It’s also a reference guide for any stage of your career.


1. How to land the most suitable experience and internships to get you started on your particular career path.

2. How to put your best foot forward in your profile, your job applications, and your interviews.

3. How to handle and grow from the practical challenges and opportunities in your first position, and you’ll understand how to use these to build a strong foundation.

READ IF: You are beginning your career journey, or if you'd like a helping hand to show you how to succeed in your career.


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