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How To Lead Smart People

“As a leader, job number 1 is to keep your followers enthused and aligned to your purpose: you are seeking that discretionary extra effort that only comes from engagement. Nobody wants to work in an environment that is miserable and downbeat; such environments often spiral downwards and the reputation of the leader with them.”

SUMMARY: The book teaches professionals how to elegantly lead their peers with tact and wisdom. It is written with sophisticated simplicity that includes effective and well-structured actionable lessons.

TAKEAWAYS: At the end of this book, you will understand what it means to be a self-developing and innovative leader who keeps improving the quality of your leadership.

You will learn:

+ 50 actionable leadership lessons relevant to managing professional peers. You will receive relevant examples to help you contextualize each leadership insight.

+ how to integrate the learnings into your professional environment.

+ how to amend traditional leadership values to suit managing peers as opposed to managing subordinates.

+ how to communicate effectively to cultivate a healthy team environment of useful values.

+ how to manage and avoid leadership stress, and how to overcome challenges while building leadership strength.

READ IF: You are a business leader who manages a team of professionals in a peer-lead environment.


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