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How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone

“One of the biggest reasons why people don’t speak up, or ask for something, or talk to somebody they don’t know, is fear of rejection. This stems from not knowing how to handle what appeared to be rejection, if it happened, and goes back to childhood for most people. As a child, when you get into trouble, you can’t defend your position because it’s an adult, teacher or parent, telling you off. You just have to take it: feeling humiliated and embarrassed. As an adult though, you can stand your own ground in a calm, confident and friendly manner. You no longer have to fear vulnerability from rejection.”

SUMMARY: This book is a deep yet practical guide on clearing insecurities and challenges that stand in the way of the confidence needed to communicate effectively on social and business levels. It provides exercises and education on building social skills for all contexts. .

TAKEAWAYS: You will be inspired to build the confidence to get yourself in front of the people you need to engage with to reach your personal and business goals. You will learn how to unpack the triggers that stand in your way of social interactions, and you will learn how to address these issues. You will be empowered with a wide range of practical ways to strengthen and practise your social skills from the inside-out, so that you build authentic confidence to speak to anybody. You will learn how confidence can make just about any conversation possible for you. You will learn how to be influential in discussions, so that you can put your best foot forward to achieve the intended outcome of interactions.

READ IF: You would like to build confidence and learn how to improve your communication or social skills in any and all contexts.


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