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How We Work

“On our first day of class, I tell my students, “We’re going to learn how to change our relationship with our existing habits of thinking at and about work, and find freedom in the new possibilities that will emerge as a result.” By the end of our time together, my students (most of them, anyway) say that the course profoundly changed the way they understood leadership—of companies perhaps, of people probably, and certainly of their own lives.”

SUMMARY: This book brings ancient mindfulness wisdom to the modern working world in an insightful and relevant way. The author, Dr. Leah Weiss, is a mindfulness guru who is well respected for her popular, waitlisted Stanford Business School course "Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion"


1. You will learn how to harness the power of your emotions to create impact in your work, and you’ll learn how to manage difficult emotions.

2. You will learn to understand that it’s counter-productive to bring only your “work self” to the workplace, and you will appreciate why a holistic approach to life works.

3. You will learn mindfulness strategies that will improve your management and business relationship skills, and you will become happier.

READ IF: You would like holistic, wise ways to improve your work satisfaction and overall peace of mind.


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