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Insane Mode

“If we were going to be stuck with cars, I figured we might as well let this guy make them electric so we can at least stop pumping so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

SUMMARY: An electrifying account of the electric car revolution that Elon Musk spurred with his crazy, unstoppable drive to create Tesla electric car.


1. You will learn how Elon Musk combatted the car industry and the power of oil giants to push through with his electric car disruptor, and you will get some insight on the Tesla business.

2. You will learn about how Tesla changes the public’s perspective of cars.

3. You will learn about the popularity of electric cars and get to know some of the other players in the new disruptive industry.

READ IF: You would like to understand the passion and drive of Elon Musk and how he disrupted the car industry to create an electric car revolution.


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