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Leadership Without Ego

“A Scarce Resource: The biggest shortage in the world is not oil or food—it’s leadership. Why is it such a scarce resource? Because egos get involved. Most people in top positions think that they are better than somebody else, think that they need something better than somebody else. It’s economic assets, it’s status, it’s all those other things that prevent the people at the top from subordinating themselves totally to the people they lead. It is not socialism. Leaders get paid a lot more than those they lead, they get paid for their knowledge and skill but they are no better as a person.”

SUMMARY: The book is about handling leadership more effectively from a higher level of consciousness than that in which the ego operates. It challenges management to take a look at beliefs and to lead from a healthy and constructive set of beliefs.


1. Leadership is about strengthening the connections in a team rather than putting pressure on individuals or processes – pressure is counter-productive. Connections are built by focusing on common goals and purpose rather than by leaders trying to stand out.

2. Effective leaders allow others to put their best foot forward without undermining their competence. Confidence in others builds people towards their full potential and cultivates ownership which leads teams and organizations to authentic success. Empowering leaders share credit with the team whereas leaders who hoard the accolades cause people to feel demoralized which ultimately sabotages results.

3. This leadership philosophy does not, however, mean complacency, lack of responsibility, or lack of involvement. It requires concerted focus from leaders to cultivate and ensure the optimum environmental and other factors that support and encourage and easy flow of performance and results.

READ IF: You are a leader who wants to improve yourself, your team, and your results.


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