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Leading With Authority

“We live in a momentous time in human history, one that has never offered more abundance and opportunity. But these times have also brought about a Category 5 hurricane of disruptive changes. Breath-taking advances in science and exponential technological innovation bloom all around us, making our lives better and easier. And yet there are people at all levels of organizations who feel fatigued, fretful, and even beaten down at work.” .

SUMMARY: The book by bestselling Author, Keith Ferrazzi, presents the practical steps of “co-elevation” – a refreshing perspective on leadership and collaboration that leaves traditional authority behind. The book is a revolutionized framework for business and a solution to succeeding in uncertain times.

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn why bureaucracy is counter-productive and unsustainable in a rapidly evolving world. You will discover how to break down cumbersome mindsets of hierarchy and authority. You will grasp that adaptability in this changing landscape is critical to success – and even to survival. You will learn the practical side of co-elevation where peers from any position can take the initiative to elevate each other or situations. You will even learn how at first you can work with the concept independently of others. This lean and agile process of co-elevation is presented with credibility that calls on over 3 decades of experience with coaching executives and management in high profile businesses.

READ IF: You are in an organization that wants to survive or succeed in changing times. And perhaps if you are interested in challenging traditional norms of workplace authority.


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