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Make Elephants Fly

“Yes, it pays to disrupt large markets with new innovations, but many innovators create entirely new markets that never existed before. Think of Nest with smart homes, Dropbox with cloud storage, and Snapchat with messaging. Innovation isn’t always about disrupting the existing markets: Innovators can create new ones.”

SUMMARY: This book shares the proven steps taken by Silicon Valley’s dreamers and disruptors to make their big ideas work. Make Elephants Fly was the 2019 winner of the CMI Business Book Award’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. The author, Steven Hoffman, is the CEO of Founder’s Space which is a leading Incubator and Accelerator, recommended by the likes of Forbes magazine.


1. Dreaming big is a perfect start to entrepreneurial success, but even innovators who are breaking boundaries have to learn the ropes if they want to be more than a one-hit wonder.

2. Practical steps are part of smart innovation, and this book teaches you the step-by-step processes to turning brilliant ideas into sustainable business. There are proven ways to plan innovative teams, to brainstorm and shortlist creative ideas, and to embed innovation into your business DNA.

3. Steven Hoffman does a superb job of putting the practical lessons taught into context for the reader by using stories of Silicon Valley innovators to create the imagery needed for the reader to digest and appreciate the methods and principles. He also highlights why innovation is not a luxury, but in fact critical in today’s world.

READ IF: You have a big idea and want to know if it can work or how to make it sustainable. But also read this book if you need big dreamers and have none in your organization, as this will teach you how to create great innovators.


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