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Make Your Bed

“Making my bed correctly was not going to be an opportunity for praise. It was expected of me. It was my first task of the day, and doing it right was important. It demonstrated my discipline. It showed my attention to detail, and at the end of the day it would be a reminder that I had done something well, something to be proud of, no matter how small the task.”

The book is a great inspiration about what sets you up for success in life, including something as simple and small as making your bed in the morning.


1) A small accomplishment in the morning (making your bed) puts you in the right mindset to be able to tackle whatever your day may bring.

2) Life is unfair, so instead of being upset about it or feeling like a victim, you need to deal with it and move on.

3) Only if you dare to dream big and accept that the bigger your dreams are, the greater the failure might be, will you accomplish anything significant.

READ IF: You want to transform your life by taking small steps every day.


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