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“Many of the greatest Masters in history have confessed to experiencing some kind of force or voice or sense of destiny that has guided them forward. For Napoleon Bonaparte it was his “star” that he always felt in ascendance when he made the right move. For Socrates, it was his daemon, a voice that he heard, perhaps from the gods, which inevitably spoke to him in the negative—telling him what to avoid. For Goethe, he also called it a daemon—a kind of sprit that dwelled within him and compelled him to fulfil his destiny.”

SUMMARY: This book is true to Robert Greene’s exceptional international bestselling standard. The book contains the proven method to live your own unique life and to make your completely unique contribution. It asserts that mastery is attainable to us all. .


1. Passion matters – loving what you do provides the most significant boost to reach a level of mastery. Do not underestimate the energy that is born from a passion for your goal, vocation, or work. Follow your heart and choose your direction based on your innate gifts or talents.

2. Go the distance with apprenticeship – if there is a magic ingredient to mastery it is an involved and dedicated apprenticeship under the guidance of a master. This is the process by which you learn the structures before you can go beyond them using your unique insight.

3. Add unique YOU to the equation – this can be challenging in a world of norms, but the trick to breaking the rules is to become a student of them first.

READ IF: You have a desire to reach your full human potential and express your life and work in your own unique way.


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