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Measure What Matters

"An effective goal - setting system starts with disciplined thinking at the top, with leaders who invest the time and energy to choose what counts"

This book walks you through the process of implementing an effective tracking system in your organization that will help you measure your progress, stay accountable, and reach your goals. Based on the OKR system used by Google and many other companies.


1) Use objectives and key results (OKRs) to stay on track with your team towards achieving your most important goals. Introduce 'stretch goals' to push your team beyond their limits and also to motivate them.

2) Use regular and consistent tracking for keeping everything visible and everyone accountable.

3) OKR Superpowers: #1: Focus and Commit to Priorities #2: Align and Connect for Teamwork #3: Track for Accountability #4: Stretch for Amazing

READ IF: You want to understand the origins of the OKR system and learn about how to successfully implement it in your organization.


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