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Move Fast & Break Things

“The first question that needs to be asked is why we are so willing to surrender our labor and our personal data for free to an immensely profitable monopoly.”

SUMMARY: This book provides the history, consequences, and actionable solutions to the destructive status quo that is the monopoly giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google hold on content, music, and much more. The author, Jonathan Taplin, speaks from experience as a producer in music and film as well as an early pro at online streaming.


1. Move Fast and Break Things urges action against the powers that have risen to monopolize the music, film, and other industries.

2. The book uncovers how the online giants were built, and it gives readers an idea of the kinds of profits that make the giants like Facebook equal to oil giants. It questions the farming of the masses to profit those at the top of the pyramid.

3. We take it for granted that this online train cannot be stopped, but this book makes us stop in our tracks to consider the consequences of complacency. It offers practical ways to change the course of our future. His passionate plea to turn things around, and his take on the undermining of democracy really give the reader something to think about.

READ IF: You want to stop and think about why the current online status quo may be destructive to the future. Read if you want to take action to put the rewards for creativity back in the hands of artists themselves.


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