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No Bullsh*t Leadership

"Step1: Define your starting point. Keep it simple and be honest (even if it is painful). Step2: Define your end point. Don't overcomplicate it but be ambitious."

The book is a practical guide to how to become a no-nonsense leader who gets stuff done and delivers real results.


1) In leadership, the only bad decision is no decision. Use Colin Powell's 40/70 rule: as long as the plan has at least 40% success rate, you should proceed. At 70%, you have spent way too much time contemplating.

2) Great leaders are bold, decisive characters who look after their people by steering the way and making tough calls.

3) The best teams are diverse. Different cultures, backgrounds and personal values make up the strongest teams.

READ IF: You are not a big fan of theory and complex leadership models, and instead, you would enjoy a quick and practical read.


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