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Peak Performance

“The real secret of world-class performers is not the daily routines that they develop, but that they stick to them. That they show up, even when they don’t feel like it. Call it drive, call it passion, or call it grit; whatever you call it, it must come from deep within.”

The book explores the most significant factors that contribute to delivering your best work, such as purpose, focus, stress, and rest. By understanding how these play a role in your performance, you can perform at your best.


1) Stop multitasking. It is the fastest and most sure-fire way to prevent peak-performance.

2) Rest is significantly underrated in today's work culture and society. Without enough rest, you can't become better, faster, stronger in anything.

3) Burnout is real, and it is time we all took it seriously. Defaulting to shortcuts such as energy drinks or drugs in order to keep up will get you nowhere.

READ IF: You enjoy taking a more scientific approach to performance instead of just relying on motivation.


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