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Pitch Anything

“What is vitally important is making sure your message fulfils two objectives: First, you don’t want your message to trigger fear alarms. And second, you want to make sure it gets recognized as something positive, unexpected, and out of the ordinary - a pleasant novelty."

The book is a guide to how to successfully pitch any idea to potential investors by owning the space and displaying your power.


1. The STRONG method: Set the frame => Tell the story => Reveal the intrigue => Offer the prize => Nail the hook point => Get a decision

2. Power dynamics are always present in any negotiation. You always need to make sure you pitch from a position of strength.

3. When you start explaining yourself, you start losing your power and sense of authority.

READ IF: You are an entrepreneur, if you work in sales or if you find yourself in a side hustle that requires you to sell yourself, your product or your idea.


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